Unlike any other year, 2018 was a blessing with lots of learning, love and laughter. As life grows, I find every year’s experience to be better than the last and I am sure that 2019 will be the best so far!

At the dawn of 2019, my mind and heart goes back to 2018 and I am trying to live the happy moments of the year just gone by.

One memory that I cherish the most is my son’s birthday. Hrriday turned 2 and that’s an important milestone for me. He now talks and probes everything around him and within him. Its so much fun!

My family and I moved to our own home in Raipur. It’s a dream home beautifully designed and meticulously planned by my wife, Nupur. We purchased the property in March and moved in by October. We were indeed blessed to get the interiors and finishes completed in such a short span of time.

Spiritually, I believe that 2018 was most significant. My trip to Haridwar and the Puja at Ganges River was blissful. The midnight meditation at the Ghats was serene and out of the world, to say the least. I completed the Inner Engineering Workshop and the cycle of 45 days. I was able to establish deeper connection with Sai Baba and explore different aspects of my belief system. The Morning Kakad Aarti at Shirdi standing right in the first row of Samadhi Mandir is an experience that I simply can’t forget. I couldn’t have been more blessed.

The visit to Aakansha in Raipur shook me out of comfort zone. I realized how blessed I was and how we take things for granted. It renewed my zeal to work steadfastly towards my dreams.

Throughout the year, I had the opportunity to work with a very talented and passionate team at Strategum. Together we successfully worked on projects at Jamnagar, Jamkhambhalia, Surat, Coimbatore, Giridih, Bandikui, Raipur, Ranchi, Bangalore, Bilaspur, Gulbarga, and many other places. We had a rare opportunity to work for India’s leading Cricketer of all times. To top it all, we lived our dream with launch of Playshaala Centers and Euphoria Schools across India. Launching 8 centers across India in a span of one quarter is no mean achievement. The recognition we received for our work from clients, media and policy makers prods to excel further in our area of expertise.

2018 is also a year where I took complete charge of my health. The diet worked and did wonders to my body. I am also grateful to my maternal uncle Sri Vasanthrajji for guiding me to overcome the pain and problem of Arthritis. I am sure I will continue the good trend in 2019 too.

The opportunity to exercise my franchise and cast my vote in State Elections makes me feel responsible as a citizen of India. I look forward to vote in 2019 for Central Elections.

My family has always been a great source of love and joy. Some beautiful memories were weaved during the family trip to Puducherry, midnight-buffet at Bangalore and celebrations for New Year at Raipur. The time spent together just being yourself, letting go of all your mental models of who you are is so wonderful..

There are countless people to whom I would like to express my gratitude. It would not be appropriate to mention all the names but I am sure that they know I am thankful to them for their love and blessings.

Well, not everything was to our liking, and life does show a curve on the way. Nevertheless, I was blessed with patience and empathy to take care of Nupur, who lost her father on 28th December 2017. She and her family showed great courage and grit to overcome this tragic loss. Not all our plans pan out as per the script but we did learn great things in the pursuit. My poor health, made me do diet, yoga and meditation. Loss of key team members at helm made me strengthen the systems and practices using OKRs and Technology Tools. Some wrong business decisions made me deepen the roots and belief system. I knew that for every sunset there is a sunrise waiting.

There are many unfinished agenda items of 2018 that I am excited to take it forward in 2019. After all, “Not everything worth achieving can be achieved in one year!”

Welcome 2019!