Let’s help child find the River Ganga within

The huge expanse of water in front of me had the effect of balm on my soul. I could instantly connect with the revered Ganga River and my mind. The experience of touching the water with my hands, sipping a handful of it and then stepping into the ghat full of the cold, flowing Ganga was the most captivating moment of my life. Water was most joyful. As I stood in it, I could feel its magnetic vibrations flowing ceaselessly. As though, it pulled away the pain of my body and negativity of the mind.

I stood there visualising the journey of Ganga from Gangotri to Haridwar. How it would have grown from strength to strength, creating path for itself where none existed, converting its weaknesses into unmatched strength. Amazing, I thought. In this journey, the Ganga Water was not just made up of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, it had imbibed in it valuable, life sustaining and enriching minerals, herbs and particles, always moving ahead with force and benignity contributing to creation of flora, fauna, and bio diversity across a vast region.

Indeed, a child’s potential is akin to Ganga Water. A child, like Water, is born with the same potential, as the molecules of water. It is the journey and the path it takes, is what defines her true character. The environment around the child, the exposure and challenges at School, Home and Society must ingrain in the child the values of abundance, courage, perseverance and growth-mindset. I truly believe that this is possible by changing the paradigm of our traditional schools.

World over, the students are being exposed to 21st Century Education components of project based learning, deeper learning and real-world education. Let us not pollute the mind of the child like Ganga River with rote learning, standardized testing and strangled aspirations. It’s time to re-imagine Schools in India, it’s time to let the majestic form of Ganga flow in the heart and mind of every child – It’s time to help each child kindle her natural intelligence and infinite potential.

With Love and joy,

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