Today my colleagues at office and I visited Aakansha Institute of Learning and Empowerment in Raipur. Aakansha is a Hindi word which means Aspiration, Dream or Desire.

Aakansha is a Special School for Divyang Children. It runs a day care centre, vocational centre, and various programs to train teachers in Special Education. It also offers services in occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, remedial teaching and rehabilitation programs. The School is built over an area of about 70,000 sqft and has exceptionally good facilities, equipments and learning aids. It is one of its kind in this region.

The entire experience of meeting and interacting with the staff and students at Aakansha was very overwhelming. We went with an intention to give them sweets, pastries, etc but I don’t think anyone can give anything to these children. One can only take back from the visit, the pearls of life lessons that are hard to find anywhere else so easily.

The joy and happiness on the faces of these Divyang Children made me think:

  1. Do I take life for granted?
  2. Why do I negate health and give priority to other things?
  3. Is there anything more important than joy and happiness?
  4. Are my problems and challenges greater than those of these children?
  5. Am I leading a meaningful life?

While I continue to think and dive deep into my experience of today, I am also making a commitment to myself that I will do things that I love doing, spend time with people I love to be with and will never let negative thoughts, things and people drain my enthusiasm for life even for a moment.

Significantly, the energy that I got from the children and teachers has helped me solve one serious problem that I was facing in my professional life. The issue no longer appears to be as huge as it seemed to me. The children showed me how insignificant and worthless was the trouble that I was facing. Truly, I think it is we, our thoughts and obsession with the problem that makes it appear bigger than what it is. If we dwarf the problem and grow our character, there is no difficulty that cannot be dealt with.

My colleagues and I have also resolved to connect with Aakansha at a deeper level, not with an intention to help them but more with an intention to help ourselves find greater meaning to life.

I want to thank Sri K K Nayak for initiating the Aakansha within us and Madam Padma for helping us experience our own Aakansha.

What is your Aakansha? Let me know your comments.

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  1. Kahkasha April 13, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Yes, I completely agree with you. We keep complaining for different diffulties, challenges and ups and downs in life irrespective of keeping in mind so many blessing we have been showered with. We only remember what we don’t have, Keeping a larger focus will wipe off all the problems and they become draft comparing to our focus and vision. My Akansha is to be positive all the time and attract positivity around and being self contended.


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